R-Transform is a moto parts distributor in Hong Kong and started in 2013. Hong Kong doesn’t have import tax so products can be imported and exported easily. That’s why we can provide the best price and fast delivery for you.

If you want to fine tune your motorcycle or find something to enhance your riding experience, then R-Transform is your choice.

We only focus on electronic products, spending all our resources and time in this area. That’s why we can provide awesome technical support and sell the best products on the market.

Our colleagues and dealers work in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Macau. They can provide timely technical support and pre-sales advice.

Nowadays, logistics and IT knowledge are crucial in day-to-day trading. We aim to provide a cost efficient and timely service to our customers. We continually assess and monitor the service provided to both our dealers and end-users.

We have stock of most products, with only a few rarely sold products needing to be ordered specifically for our customers.

Our outstanding logistics company provides us with warehouse management and shipping to Asia, US, Australia, Canada and Mexico. The logistics staff are extremely knowledgeable and skillful in handling customs procedures. Outside Asia, we use express courier services provided by the government which means you don’t have to worry about your order.