12 years of HealTech Electronics


HealTech Electronics Ltd. was founded in Hungary, in the heart of Europe. Our story began in 2003, when we realized how far motorcycle speedometers are off, especially after a gearing change. In 2008 we set up our own surface-mount technology (SMT) production line so everything is designed, assembled and tested in-house. In 2013 we built a new factory which secured our position as production capacity is no longer a concern.

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Our know-how gathered on the race-track created the technical premises to develop a range of add-on electronic modules for every need: this is the winning background allowing Rapid Bike to be considered as a leader in the field of motorbike engine calibration.

Rapidbike project – developed thanks to preceding experiences gained in the motorbike sector – officially comes to light in 2004 with the objective of offering add-on modules for fast adjustments of the engine management without interventions on the original ECU

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R-Transform is a moto parts distributor in Hong Kong and started in 2013. Hong Kong doesn’t have import tax so products can be imported and exported easily. That’s why we can provide the best price and fast delivery for you.

If you want to fine tune your motorcycle or find something to enhance your riding experience, then R-Transform is your choice.

We only focus on electronic products, spending all our resources and time in this area. That’s why we can provide awesome technical support and sell the best products on the market.

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